Black salt

Black-SaltKala namak is also known as Black salt or Black Indian salt.

  • It is generally used in South Asian cuisines.
  • It is salty and smells pungent. This is mainly due to sulfur content in it.
  • It is purplish or pinkish-gray rock salt.
  • We can say, it is a sea salt blended with activated charcoal.
  • The black salt is generally obtained from either the natural volcanic mines in
  • Northern India and Pakistan or the surrounding salt lakes of Sambhar or Didwana.
  • It consists of sodium chloride.
  • Kala namak is considered as a cooling spice in ayurvedic medicine.

It is common to manufacture black salt synthetically. This is done by combining ordinary sodium chloride mixed with the smaller quantities of sodium sulphate, sodium bisulphate and ferric sulphate. This is then chemically reduced with charcoal in a furnace.

Uses of Black salt / Kala namak

  • It is extensively used in India, Pakistan and Bangladesh.
  • Black salt is added in many Indian snacks, chaat, chutneys, raitas, sprinkle over the fruits and many more.
  • It is used as a digestive aid.
  • It helps in relieving the intestinal gas and heart burn.
  • It is also used sometimes to flavor the cold drinks.


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