Cumin Seeds / Jeera

The word cumin is derived from the Latin word “cuminum” and the Old English “cymen”. It is referred to as a member of parsley family. Cumin seeds are pungent. They potent little things with the ability to significantly change the trajectory of the dish. The cumin plant grows about 30-50 centimeter tall. It is harvested by hand. The leaves are 5-10 centimeter long, with thread-like leaflets. The flowers are small, white or pink, and borne in umbels. The fruit is lateral fusiform, 4-5 millimeter long, containing a single seed.


Cumin seeds resemble caraway seeds. This is due to their oblong shape, longitudinally ridged and yellow-brown in color.The plant is mostly grown in India, China, Iran, Turkey, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Egypt, Morocco, Chile and Mexico. In India the cumin seeds are used in various cuisines. They can be used as it is, that is whole or in a ground form. Cumin seeds are a part of almost every Indian kitchen.

We can even roast the cumin seeds and it flavors awesome, which totally change the taste of the ordinary dish, if added. In summer, it is being added to butter milk, which tastes delicious. In Mexican cuisine, it is quiet regular. It is also used sometimes in baking.

Nutritional value of cumin seeds/jeera

  • Large quantities of cumin seeds need to be consumed, as it serves as a significant dietary source.
  • It contains relatively large percentage of iron.
  • A one spoon of cumin contains calories (kcal): 22 and Protein(g): 1.07

Health benefits of cumin seeds/jeera

  • Apart from adding flavor to the dish, cumin has got health benefits too. Cumin seeds contain a good amount of iron and so try to include jeera in your routine preparations like soups, parathas, rice, curries, etc.
  • Cumin helps in controlling stomach pains , indigestion, diarrhea and sickness.
  • cumin also helps in stimulating menstrual cycle in women.

Useful Guidance

  • Do not purchase readymade ground cumin, instead purchase fresh cumin seeds, dry roast them in a pan. Now grind them in a grinder and use it.
  • As cumin quickly loses its pungency, try to replace stock frequently.


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