Curry leaves / Kadi patta

Curry leaves are highly popular herbs used in India. Scientifically it is named as “Murraya Koenigii”. It is also known as kadi patta. It belongs to the family of “Rutaceae”. Curry leaves are an integral part of Indian cooking style. As they are often used in curries, the leaves are named as “curry leaves”.

curry leaves

Curry leaves are also known as “sweet neem leaves”. This is because the neem leaves are bitter and this is totally opposed. It grows about 13-20 feet tall and its trunk up to 40 centimeter in diameter. They are aromatic. Their flowers are white in colour, small and fragrant. The small black shiny berries are edible but their seeds are poisonous. The leaves are used as a herb in Ayurvedic medicine.

Curry plant is cultivated in almost all regions in India. This is because of the usage of curry leaves on a daily basis by all the households. They are added not just for the flavor they provide, but also for the various health benefits which they give.

Health benefits of Curry leaves

  • These are a potent blood purifier.
  • They are very helpful in the re storage of the degenerated blood cells.
  • Curry leaves helps in promoting health of digestive system due to the presence of antioxidants, vitamins and alkaloids in it.
  • Curry leaves, if taken regularly, will help in the metabolism of fatty acids.
  • Curry leaves contain calcium, vitamin C, phosphorus,┬áNicotinic acid and iron.
  • These are a good source of vitamin A and so helps in promoting good eyesight, if taken regularly.
  • They are also helpful in reducing the side effects of treating cancer, which are: chemotherapy and radiation therapy.


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