A mushroom is the fleshy, spore-bearing fruiting body of fungus. It is produced typically above the ground on soil or on its food source. Mushroom describes a variety of gilled fungi, with or without stems. Generally, the term is used to describe both the fleshy fruiting bodies of some Ascomycota and the woody or leathery fruiting bodies of some Basidiomycota, depending upon the context of the word.


Mushrooms can be grown in dark caves and shady areas. They are used extensively in cooking, in many cuisines. Mushrooms grow only at level 12 and below, except when planted on mycelium. The most popular Agaricus bisporus, is considered safe for most people to eat because it is grown in controlled, sterilized environments. Many of the species of mushrooms are found poisonous. Planted mushrooms grow into huge mushroom when bone meal is used on them, provided they are planted on a dirt, grass or mycelium block. when it grows on any square, mushrooms may pop out of the ground, if the light level goes above 12.

Health benefits of Mushroom

  • Mushrooms are low in calories. There approximately 20 calories in an ounce of mushrooms.
  • They are even fat free, cholesterol free.
  • They have very low levels of salt and sugar.
  • They provide a valuable source of dietary fiber.
  • They also provide several vitamins and minerals.
  • Even though vitamins are found in many vegetables, but they lose them when cooked in boiling water. Mushrooms retain their vitamin content when eaten, as they are rarely prepared with boiling water.
  • It is a perfect snack for those on a diet.


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