The Best Sweets to make Diwali special [Diwali Sweets List]

The Diwali / Deepawali season is when every house is lit up with lots of candles, diyas and there’s lightning, but that is all added up by some specially made Sweets which are served to the guests as a gesture of welcoming, or as a prasad. Whatever the reason may be, you would love to have the best sweets in stock during the entire Diwali festival days, and for Gujaratis, diwali marks as the new year and thus guests and relatives visiting the place isn’t any surprise.

Now, to make it all special, here are a few sweets which would do the best and taste delicious and different, although it even includes the most common sweets you would prepare every year during Diwali.

Best Diwali Recipes

Kaju Katli

This is one of the most popular sweets in India, with the main ingredient in it being Cashew Nut, and this is cut in a diamond shape, and it has got several names such as Kaji Burfi, Kaju Katli, Kaju Mithai etc. You can make one in no time, and it would anyways taste sweet as Kaju and Sugar, both are the main parts in this. Check: Kaju Katli Recipe.


Gujiya is an Indian sweet with some special taste, like the Khoya taste internally and it is very much famous as a Rajasthani sweet, but the Gujaratis prefer making it during the diwali festival. About 1-2 gujiyas would do a lot along with a soft drink to make an evening snack. Check out the recipe: How to make Gujiya.

Nariyal ke Ladoo

The sweet made from Coconut tastes excellent, and one of the famous sweets here is the Nariyal ke Laddoo which are made by using desiccated coconut along with Khova to add to the taste. This one can also be one of the sweets you can make as a homemade prasad to offer to the god. Check out how you can make it: Nariyal ke Ladoo recipe.

Gulkand Gilori

Resembling the Pan in shape, Gulkand Gilori is one of the sweets which can be had after a meal, and this could be your diwali dinner after which the awesome essence of Almond, Rose Water and the taste of them along with Khoya would make the dinner session even better. Go to the following link to learn how to make Gulkand Gilori.

Diya aur Baati

This is one of the very special and different sweets to be made on occasions, and the name it gets is for the shape. The main ingredients in this sweet are Cocoa powder, which not just adds to the taste but the color too, and Coconut powder along with Khoya makes the inner core of the sweet. Here is the recipe of Diya aur Bati sweet.

Lauki ki Kheer

The Lauki ki Kheer is a very different type of sweet, and that’s what makes it more interesting and tasty to eat. It is a semi-solid to liquid sweet which is made with bitter gourd, rice as the main ingredients, but you finally get a very good and sweet taste. Most of the people who would want to spend some time learning to make a different type of sweet, this is worth a try. Check Lauki ki Kheer recipe.

Doodh Peda

One of the very simplest, easiest and tasty sweets which doesn’t need any special skills or long time to prepare, the Doodh Peda is made of milk, milk powder and butter. It is very easy to prepare and the use of Microwave would make it faster to make. Learn how to make Doodh peda.

We will keep on adding more sweets for you to enjoy making them and serving during the Diwali season.


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