4 Facts that will make you stop eating White Bread

Who doesn’t like bread? Just like noodles, this is the easiest one to heat and munch. There’s a lot that can be done with bread – slice of butter or cheese, with sauce, and that’s enough to get you through a hungry snack session. Sandwiches, pakoda and a lot more can be done with bread. But, you will be shocked when you realize about the other side of white bread. There are many types of breads available in the market – white, brown, vegetable, whole wheat, fruit, and flavored breads.

White bread was one staple food for many, a part of breakfast in several offices and households where the days are busy. But, we suggest you to eat whole wheat bread or whole grain bread instead of this, and here are the reasons why.

White Bread

Carb crash

Because it increases the blood sugar levels rapidly, the white bread leads to a card rush and then crash. This all happens rapidly, and thus you will feel hungry again in no time. There is no appetite satisfaction seen after having white bread.

Leads to weight gain

It doesn’t do that straightaway, but a lot of studies are done around this, and it is said that in a period of 12 years, eating white bread and gaining weight were very much related.

Very less nutrition

While the white bread is being made, all the nutrients from the white flour are gone and the bread makers have to force include some vitamins, and that is the only nutrient value of these breads. If we are to compare this with the whole wheat bread, the wheat ones have a lot of nutrients and they don’t get removed because along with the endosperm, the bran and germ are also used to make the bread.

So many preservatives

This actually, is a fact for all kinds of breads. If you know how bread is made, you know how easily it can host fungi and micro-organisms. To prevent this from happening, there are a lot of preservatives used while making the bread. The commonly used preservatives are DATEM, mono and diglycerides, and also ammonium sulfate with calcium peroxide. These help only in keeping the bread good for a longer time, but they don’t add any nutritional value.

Enough reasons to avoid the white bread, right? Even I used to eat two to three loafs of bread in a week, and this was a habit. But, the facts were enough for me to permanently stop it and go with whole wheat bread, which is even recommended by physicians, for a healthy breakfast, if actually, there is an alternative needed for rotis or such healthy food.


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