Tomato Puree – Method of Making

Tomato puree is the puree of tomatoes, which is made by boiling the tomatoes which are gridded before. It can be added in any of the recipes. It helps the recipe to cook quicker (takes less time to cook). Many people prefer to add tomato puree in their recipe as it is already ready, we have to just add in any recipe, boil for sometime and it is ready to eat.

Tomato puree

Ingredients for making tomato puree

  • 4 big tomatoes

Method for making tomato puree

  • Grind the tomatoes to a smooth paste in a grinder.
  • Now, take a pan add the tomato paste, and boil till the quantity of tomatoes turn to half.
  • Tomato puree is ready to use.
  • We can also refrigerate it and use when required.

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